FAST has a team of highly trained and industry-certified coaches who are dedicated to providing children with the most positive and successful training experiences possible. 

We believe that it’s extremely important for our coaches to not only be experienced, but also have personalities that connect well with young athletes. While our team of coaches have varying instructional styles (which plays a role in finding the right “coaching match” for each age), all of our coaches are committed to being positive role models, mentors, motivators and ultimately people your child looks forward to working with and learning from.


Jason Mercado - founder & director

Jason began his professional career working with children in 2008 when he joined The TLC Family of Camps as the Assistant Director of Timber Lake Camp. Today, Jason is the Director of North Shore Day Camp, a popular day camp located in Glen Cove.

Jason graduated from Brown University in 2003, where he was a 4 year starter and 2 x Captain of the wrestling team. Jason understands the sacrifice, determination and training necessary to compete at the highest level of college athletics. Through his coaching experiences, Jason also understands the importance of providing all athletes with a nurturing and positive environment to help them reach their full potential--regardless of skill level. It’s for this reason that he’s so excited to be a part of FAST and join our team of coaches in positively impacting children of all ages.  

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mike iacono - director of athletic training & operations

Mike Iacono has been a part of our FAST coaching team since Fall 2014 and brings a ton of experience working with children, most notably in the summer camp world where he has worked since 2008 for both North Shore Day Camp and Hampton Country Day Camp.  

Mike graduated from Allegheny College in 2013 where he was a 4 year member (and 2 year starter) on the varsity soccer team, as well as 2 year member of the track and field team. Mike understands the commitment, drive, and training it takes to excel in multiple sports. He also brings a contagiously positive and a fun personality while teaching children sports and everyone who meets him loves him immediately!


dave skolnik - founder & Ceo

Dave's career in youth development started in 2005 when he graduated from Cornell University and began working full-time for The TLC Family of Camps. The TLC Family of Camps own and operate three resident camps, four day camps and a private nursery school. Dave currently serves as a Director of Hampton Country Day Camp (East Hampton) and Chief Operating Officer of the organization.

For years, Dave has been working towards building a customized athletic training program that combines FUN FITNESS with ATHLETIC TRAINING with the goal of maximizing a child’s full athletic potential while also developing self-esteem, self-confidence, and a lifelong love for physical activity. Dave has consulted with kinesiology professionals, worked with fitness specialists, enrolled in certified training programs and spent countless hours training his team of coaches on the FAST approach to long-term athletic development.