We recognize that there is a core set of values all young athletes should strive to exhibit both on and off “the court”.  We strongly believe there’s a right way to coach youth athletics and it’s very important for children to be surrounded by positive role models who will help shape how they behave in any number of environments.  All of our coaches “practice what they preach” and are committed to integrating our HEAD-HEART-HUSTLE values program into each and every training session.  We not only want to maximize your child’s athletic potential, but also give him or her the tools to become the type of leader that teammates (and friends) will follow.

How do we teach HEAD-HEART-HUSTLE?

Depending on your child’s age, we build in a couple of minutes at the end of each class to award athletes with HEAD-HEART-HUSTLE balls to reinforce and highlight some of the great behaviors/actions we saw that day - being a great teammate, trying your hardest, listening to your coaches, and learning to be a leader on the team. Throughout each class season, we make sure to “catch” every athlete exhibiting HEAD-HEART-HUSTLE values so everyone knows what it feels like to play sports “the right way”.

“Learning how to win with grace & lose with dignity. Something all athletes should learn how to do.”
— Knute Rockne, Notre Dame Football Coach